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Hello Neighbors!

Welcome to the Estates At Russell Creek (ERCHOA) neighborhood blog site. We plan to use this site to keep everyone informed on the latest events in our neighborhood and city.   Let us know if you have any suggestions or input by emailing us at erchoaplano@gmail.com.  Please check back often for updates, news, and business recommendations.  This site is  being managed at NO cost to our neighbors!

Remember – the speed limit in the alleys is 10 m.p.h.  Be safe.

The Plano police department can be contacted at any time to report suspicious activity of any nature.  The non-emergency phone number is: 972-424-5678.  Examples of suspicious activity include: a garage door left open for more than 24 hours, solicitors that do not display a visible permit or are unable to present one when asked, or any individuals going door-to-door or lurking about in the community.

CURRENT WATER RESTRICTIONS PER CITY OF PLANO:  https://www.plano.gov/index.aspx?NID=220

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