About Us

Estates at Russell Creek HOA (ERCHOA)

We Are a Voluntary HOA – What does this mean??

The Estates at Russell Creek (ERCHOA) is a voluntary homeowners association, which means that each member household within our HOA boundary is not under any legal contract to join the HOA or pay the annual membership dues. We do not have a management company overseeing our business activities, and we do not require any legal retainer or administration to enforce any bylaws or deed restrictions. All of our management and treasury responsibilities are also voluntary and accountable to the HOA members only. The ERCHOA is also unable to impose a mandatory requirement after the fact due to any property violation, nor impose any financial liens against any property. This makes our annual dues much lower, but also requires a consistency in the membership in order to maintain our HOA property. The members within the ERCHOA are only required to adhere to the deed restrictions or municipal codes that have been put in place by the City of Plano.

All of the membership funds donated to the ERCHOA go directly to the maintenance and improvement (when possible) of our neighborhood property. The monthly expenses are prioritized based on available funds and are as follows:

  • CoServ Electric – The electricity is used to run the sprinklers and power the outlets near the sprinkler controllers.
  • City of Plano utilities – Water. The sprinklers are only scheduled as allowed by watering restrictions and the amount of funds available to pay each month.
  • Accent Lawn Care – lawn care for the greenbelt along Independence Parkway.
  • Miscellaneous maintenance – sprinkler/plumbing repair and weed/feed fertilizer when ample funds are available.

The ERCHOA is managed by Lynn Kahler – President, and Suzan Barkley – Treasurer. Their responsibilities include the following:

  •  Manage contracts for annual lawn care of the grass easement along Independence Parkway
  • Manage functionality and maintenance of irrigation systems of grass easement along Independence Parkway
  • Review and share communications from the City of Plano with the ERCHOA
  • Communicate regularly with Plano Mayor and City Council member on any neighborhood issues and needs
  • Manage payment of monthly expenses of water and electric utilities and lawn care
  • Managing ERCHOA bank account with local bank
  • Coordinate annual membership drives – creating and mailing newsletters, registering payment and deposits
  • All other duties as necessary