Crime Watch

Be Proactive in Crime Prevention

 Plano was named the safest city in America for the second year in a row according to Forbes Magazine. 

The bad news, we still have crime.  The good news, much of it is preventable.                                                                                                                 

Incorporate these Preventative Measures Into your Daily Routine:

  • If you hear an alarm going off or see something suspicious, please call 911.
  • Keep your garage door down.  The Plano Police estimate half of all burglaries result from a home that had the garage door up.
  • If you must park outside, make sure your garage door opener and any other desirable items such as CD’s, cell phones, toll tags, GPS…are put out of sight or brought inside.
  • Remember, your garage door opener can give a criminal direct entry into your home.
  • Make sure all doors and windows are locked when you leave your home…it’s also a good habit to keep them locked when you are inside.
  • Lock your fence gates with a combo lock.
  • Don’t leave an extra key outside (even if it’s hidden).
  • Never open the door to an unknown person.
  • The two biggest deterrents of crime are light and noise.  Light up your house and use your alarm! Leave your front porch lights on overnight.
  • If you plan to be on vacation, give your home an occupied look by putting your lights on timers and turning a radio on.
  • Know your neighbors.  Exchange contact information with your immediate neighbors.
  • Thieves love privacy so they can go about their business without being seen.  Make sure to keep your bushes and trees trimmed.
  • If you have an alarm system, set it.  Many thieves look through the windows to see if the light on the alarm system is flashing.

Make your home a Harder Target! 

These simple things can all be done for less than $100.  Don’t forget, the two best crime deterrents are Light and Noise! 

  • Combination Lock for your gates ~ $17.00
  • Motion or Photo Sensor Flood Light ~ $25.00
  • Light Timers for inside your house ~ $5.00 each
  • Security Door Stopper latch ~ $18.00 

Did you know that the Plano Police Department offers FREE home security assessments?  For more information, call the Crime Prevention Unit at (972) 941-2431. 

Keep in the loop with your HOA Crime Watch.

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