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2017 ERCHOA Neighborhood Maintenance Fund Drive

Hello Neighbors –

It is that time of year again to request your support and contribution to the maintenance and upkeep of our neighborhood – Estates at Russell Creek. Due to the challenges we face each year with the cost of regularly scheduled maintenance, in addition to the unexpected repair costs, and ever increasing utility rates, we are increasing the annual contribution amount to $100 per household per year. We need support from all homeowners to help meet these regular expenses along with the unexpected repairs. Please make your payment as soon as possible as we have already run out of funds from last year. Please make your $100 out to ERCHOA and drop it off or mail it to: Suzan Barkley (Treasurer) 8313 Monica Circle or Lynn Kahler (President) 2804 Russell Creek Drive (SEE PAYMENT FORM BELOW).

We need support from ALL HOMEOWNERS to meet these expenses and maintain the appearance of our great neighborhood.

2017 Projected Expenses:
• Electricity for the sprinkler controllers and outlets (CoServ)
• Irrigation of greenbelt along Independence Parkway (City of Plano)
• Basic mowing service of greenbelt along Independence Parkway 
  (Accent Mowing for 2017)
• Possible CoServ meter relocation at Russell Creek entry when road 
  construction begins in March ‘17
2016 ERCHOA Actual Expenses
Ending balance for 2015                 $ 216.57 

2016 Expenses 
CoServ Utilities                        $ 544.10 
City of Plano (Water)                 $   807.48 
Accent  Lawn Care                     $ 2,506.59
         Total                        $ 3,978.17 

2016 Balance Sheet 
2016 Deposits into ERCHOA             $ 4,775.00 
2015 Ending balance                     $ 216.57 
2016 Beginning balance                $ 4,991.57 
2016 Expenses                        $ (3,978.17)
2016 Ending Balance                   $ 1,013.40
Difference not found                      $ 2.50

Please PRINT and return this form with your $100 payment to:

Suzan Barkley 8313 Monica Circle Lynn Kahler 2804 Russell Creek Dr – Plano, TX 75025
Please make $100 Checks payable to: ERCHOA / Please PRINT CLEARLY!
Last Name: ________________________________________________
First Name: _______________________________________________
Spouse First Name__________________________________________
Street Address: ___________________________________________
Telephone: _____________Email:_____________________________
Your email address is for ERCHOA communication purposes ONLY, it
will not be distributed. ERCHOA USE: Date_________ Check #_______